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Indoor air quality

Progressive understands your household needs, so take a deep breath, whether you require central HEPA, an HRV, ERV or Central Humidifier you can rest easy because Progressive is on your side.

Importance of Indoor Air Quality:

Did you know that on average you take over 20,000 breaths a day. Let us help you to ensure those are as fresh and clean as possible!

Most individuals spend upwards of 80% of their time indoors. When indoor air is likely more polluted than outdoor air the quality of your indoor environment is important to maintain. The EPA has ranked indoor air pollution to be the top five environmental dangers facing today's public. Indoor air pollution is caused by sources of chemicals, outdoor pollutants, VOC's, combustion, building materials, and not to mention other components including pet dander, bacteria, and viruses, mould and mildew.

Let us provide your family with healthier, cleaner air.

An average home has billions of microscopic particles floating in the air, many of which as allergens which can trigger adverse reactions, such as headaches, fatigue, sinus issues, migraines, respiratory ailments etc. many studies have shown that our exposure to some pollutants and allergens can be up to 70 times higher in indoor environments versus outdoor. A Mayo Clinic study found that reactions to toxins in fungal spores (molds) accounted for 96% of chronic sinusitis cases they reviewed.

Understanding ventilation:
Ever heard the saying that the air quality inside your home can often be more toxic than the air outside, well it's true! The lack of fresh air promotes carbon dioxide, odors, airborne pollutants, dust and so on to be trapped inside. Welcome fresh air into your home with progressives wide offering of services and products to help you do just that!

Ventilation of the air within your home is imperative to the health of your home as well as and more importantly the health of your family. When a home is not adequately ventilated disaster can strike! Environmental toxins and pollutants such as mold can build up in the home and cause major health concerns as well as structural damages to the home itself which can be very costly.

How can Progressive help? With the installation of the appropriate air exchangers for your home this will avoid these problems from happening. By removing stale and polluted air from the house to the outside and replacing it with an equivalence of fresh air that will provide reassurance and confidence of indoor air quality for years to come.

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