From start to finish, it was such a positive experience. My parents are seniors and 2 days ago their heat went out in their condo suite. With frigid temperatures outside and inside they slept under several layers of blankets.

The next day was just as cold. My search for a repair technician was quite difficult. That is, until I spoke with Steve. He was so nice, easy to talk to, and assured me that Covid-19 safety measures are used. My search was over.

Carlos came the next morning to repair the heat pump. He was so professional and personable. My parents and I felt comfortable as he was wearing a N95-mask.

An hour later we had heat again!

The total cost was less than I imagined! The price of parts aren't over-inflated so I was able to save some money and who doesn't like that?

Give them a call. You'll be glad you did.

Julie C.