How Air Purification Systems Work and Its Importance?

Having good quality air in homes is prudent for the residents. Fresh air is required to keep the body healthy and mind fresh. Moreover, there is always the increasing utility bill that come along with different air purification systems. But as the technology evolves, so has the HRV-ERV technology.

Heat recovery/energy recovery systems are in high demand these days. But the question is whether you should install HRV-ERV systems in your home or not?

How Do HRV-ERV Systems work?

HRV-ERV systems are like windows that you open to get fresh air from the outside without affecting the temperature in your home. Essentially, the central HEPA units provide one part of the air purification system. The air exchange system brings filtered and fresh air from the outside, just like an air conditioner does, and recovers energy: the result, fresh and consistent indoor air and temperature.

During summer, the indoor air gets shuttled out, which controls the indoor temperature, and in winter, heat is delivered into your home. Both HRV and ERV systems use pretty much the same technology. One fan helps blow in fresh outdoor air, while the other discards the indoor air.

Since HRV-ERV systems are complex, it is always advisable to contact an experienced company to help you with the best HRV-ERV system and installation.

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Importance of Air Purification Systems

Air purification systems such as HRV-ERV systems provide you with an array of benefits.

  • As these systems start to work, they begin to improve the air quality in your home. The air in your home can be a breeding ground for bacteria and impurities. And it is known to all that poor air quality affects our breathing system and affects our health. With excellent quality air purification systems, your house will be free from air impurities.
  • Air purification systems do much more than purify the air quality of your home. Whether it's cold or hot outside, once you install an HRV-ERV system, you will no longer have to worry about your house temperature. The HRV-ERV systems will keep the indoor temperature comfortable.
  • Since these are HRV-ERV systems, they help in conserving energy. In fact, these systems can let you recover approximately 80% of energy, which your house generally loses during fresh air circulation.

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Air purification systems allow everyone in the home to breathe fresh air and stay away from impure air. If you are new to HRV-ERV systems and don't know which system will be ideal for your home, why not contact Progressive Indoor Air Solutions for assistance?

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